Restumping Brisbane

The step-by-step process of lifting and restumping a house

Phase 1: Comprehensive pre-lift preparations

Meticulous planning gets conducted ensuring seamless lifting execution later through conditions analysing of sites, verifying structural soundness with engineers, securing equipment and manpower, plus finalising regulatory permits awaiting authorization notices greenlighting commencements cautiously. Homeowner possessions relocations occur methodically.

Phase 2: Incremental house raising

Our technical teams educate clients through each step ensuring surroundings disruptions transparency expected when home foundations essentially disappear temporarily replaced by a maze of steel beams and locking jack stands incrementally test lifting buildings inches gradually to avoid structural destabilisation risks – processes extending over multiple weeks cautiously. Onsite crews monitor emergent tilting 24/7 through smart sensor arrays cross referenced with redundant manual measurements ensuring perfectly parallel synchronicity maintained through every point strategically raised without concerning deviation. Strict zones clearance protocols govern keeping perimeter areas cleared protecting innocent bystanders during these transitional phases remaining vulnerable to collapses unexpectedly if meticulous methodologies shortcut inadvertently.

  • Hydraulic jacks extend in planned sequence lifting buildings inches gradually to avoid destabilisation risk over multiple days/weeks
  • Redundant structural monitoring by onsite crews 24/7 ensures perfectly parallel synchronicity through every point raised without deviation
  • Strict safety protocols govern keeping perimeter zones cleared during transitional phases vulnerable to shifting unexpectedly

Phase 3: Installing new foundation structures

With incremental lifts completed successfully, demolition crews remove outdated stump supports while reconstruction teams establish reinforced steel pillars and concrete footings fully to updated specifications below matching house levels above carefully plotted through extensive surveying and site analysis for optimal structural loading distribution across sloped settings.

Phase 4: Lower utility lines adjustments

Given suspended water, gas and electrical lines requires lowering accommodating surfaced buildings lifted measurably taller temporarily through months long efforts, meticulous utility pole detachments gets conducted lowering infrastructures cautiously to realigned entry points underneath.

Phase 5: Final lift alignment & securing

As penultimate lifts finalise exact approved height specifications, interim stumps supported incrementally, our structural integration teams secure sturdy anchor points between emerging foundations and lifted buildings above through bolted post-beam connections and rugged ties fastened tightly. Load transfers get validated through stress point verifications before stump removals commence safely.

Phase 6: Landscaping & drainage grading

With structural integration milestones complete, our finishing site teams regrade drainage slopes directing water flows away from foundations using backfilled soil-packing while sterilising surrounding grasses and foliage zones disturbed through months of equipment activity traversing temporarily. Establishing reliable moisture diversion protects assets.

Phase 7: Ongoing structural monitoring 

As project restorations wrap, our crew establishes longitudinal floor elevation markers across homes quantifying future settling deviations over decades homeowners measure biannually ensuring stabilised foundations uplifted perform dependably through time as durable additions protecting families ahead. Reliability gets verified ongoing.

Concluding guidance

In summary, through meticulous coordinated planning combined with gently executed incremental lifting/restumping supported by continuous structural monitoring daily, our teams streamline formidable house raising processes into manageable stepped workflows minimising disruptions before restoring treasured properties sturdily, reliably and completely across every intricate foundation phase sequentially accounted for diligently. Please inquire about scheduling consultations anytime!

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