Restumping Brisbane

Raising and restumping Queensland homes: Our methodology perfected over decades

Few properties present the unique structural demands of Queensland’s distinctive high-set homes when needing level correction or foundation upgrades. Over 20-plus years and hundreds of regional projects, our crews have fine-tuned a rigorous methodology to successfully lift these icons into place and integrate upgraded support systems built to endure Southeast Queensland’s punishing climate and conditions for generations. From precise multi-point elevation mapping to incrementally distributing mechanical jacking weight, our veteran team has mastered streamlining Queenslander manipulations without compromising the surrounding property. Here is some insight into the proven process:

Home analysis and planning phase

We start by conducting an exhaustive above and below inspection, mapping existing contours down to the millimetre. We determine optimal new column locations conducive to underlying soils through test drilling. Next, engineering-approved designs get finalised detailing pillar quantities, sizing and material specs before meticulously calculating needed mechanical lift heights per grid.

Preparing for driveway and landscaping disruption

  • Temporary driveway access removal becomes necessary to allow equipment manoeuvring
  • We take expansive photos documenting all plantings and hardscaping to restore appropriately
  • Crews boardwalk pathways to limit landscaping damage where possible
  • We provide plywood passageways facilitating resident access despite constrained exterior conditions

Stabilisation and protection phase

Before physical adjustments occur, we stabilise loose decorative or load-bearing elements like steps or verandas that lifting could compromise, avoiding future connective work. Just as vital, we establish robust safeguards like temporary walls ensuring home integrity despite the upcoming transitional destabilisation required temporarily by nature of the process.

Adjacent foundation and property impact evaluations

  • Soil samples from neighbouring properties test for composition comparisons
  • We offer free inspection and guidance to nearby owners if requested
  • Any concerns about activity causing anxiety get addressed directly and promptly

Gradual, multi-stage raising process

With preparations complete, our mechanised raising commences gradually in incremental steps across days or weeks depending on factors like weather, allowing both the home structure and surrounding landscape adjusting time to prevent undue distress. Steel poles get installed in sequence, providing immediate interim support to bear weight shifts.

Settling period and final touch ups

Once lifted fully onto new fortified pillars and bearers suitable for future climate conditions, we give ample settlement time for final tweaks reconnecting steps that detached despite protections or dressing any superficial cracks from transitional shear stresses against rigid angles.

Careful interior finish protection

  • Interior doorways get sealed using zippered plastic partitions to prevent cosmetic damage
  • Moving furniture away from outer walls eliminates potential scratching during the lift
  • We encourage mounting any sentimental hanging wall fixtures temporally to avoid tense tipping risk
  • Flooring gets covered fully with layers of heavy cardboard sheets and plywood skins where viable

In summary, through 20-plus years of ambitious raisings, we’ve refined the process down to a science tailored specifically for heritage Queenslander homes requiring foundation upgrades or levelling while minimising impact on the surrounding property. No project proceeds by guesswork thanks to meticulous planning and safeguarding at every stage. Contact us to learn more about effectively future-proofing your distinctive homestead against our shifting regional landscape and unpredictable weather safely!

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