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Reinforcing and Repositioning Homes With Care

When faced with the unsettling issue of house sliding, Brisbane homeowners turn to us for our forward-thinking solutions tailored to ever-changing lifestyles. Blending innovation with tried-and-true methods, we halt slides and reinforce building blocks for long-standing security. Our consolidated house sliding expertise empowers endless home potential.

Safely transporting houses, our strategic Brisbane house restumping teams reposition perfectly to match needs and property prospects. Whether optimising layouts or stabilising foundations, our customisable solutions move in step with our customers. From restumping mastery to lifting capabilities, our seasoned crews cater to every relocation requirement. We provide more than structural rebalancing and reblocking – we bring certainty and peace of mind.

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Our House Sliding Services in Brisbane

From restumping services to lifting capabilities, our seasoned crews cater to every relocation requirement, including house removals and the repositioning of stumps.

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Site Assessment

We meticulously evaluate your property to determine the feasibility and benefits of house sliding. Our detailed assessments examine slope grades, soil quality, instrumentation access, and potential impediments to provide guidance on viable sliding routes.


Lifting Houses & Homes

Using advanced technology, we lift your home with minimal impact on the house and structure. Our customised lifting equipment distributes weight and stress evenly at strategic points to protect architectural integrity.

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Precise Structural Sliding of Stumps

Our team employs precise techniques to slide your new house more safely and efficiently to its correct position at its new location on your property. We align with your building plans to ensure every move matches your vision.

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Property Layout Optimisation

Our experts consult with you to find the most advantageous location for your home on your property. We help visualise layout possibilities that maximise sunlight, views, and accessibility while considering council approvals.

Other Services We Offer

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Elevate or raise your home for flood protection and extra space. Our house raising and house lifting in Brisbane elevates your home for both practicality and style. When you decide to house raise, you’re taking an important step to protect and enhance your property.

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Correct tilts and sinking for a safer, more stable family home. Our expert house levellers assess the high and low points of your foundation, mapping out customised solutions to gently lift and support your home until perfectly level.

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Strengthen your foundation for long-term stability. We utilise modern underpinning methods and materials to reinforce only weak spots rather than your entire foundation, saving significantly on costs.

Why Choose Us?

Unlock Solutions Backed by Proven Expertise

We provide round-the-clock customer support and keep you informed at each step of the entire process. With a seasoned and experienced team, we bring a wealth of experience to every project. As a reputable company, we customise our approach to meet the unique needs of your property. Make sure your home is in the best hands with our expert team.

Total Transparency, Zero Surprises

Bid farewell to hidden costs and unexpected fees. Our pricing is as transparent as our commitment to your satisfaction, leaving you with the ultimate peace of mind. Our straightforward quoting process ensures clarity and satisfaction from the start. We offer comprehensive quotes outlining all projected expenses for critical materials, structural engineering requirements, machinery rentals, and labour hours - no surprise costs.

A Dynamic House for a Dynamic Future

Your home is more than just four walls and a roof. It’s a space where you create memories, find comfort, and plan for the future. Our service isn’t just about altering the structure of your home; it’s about enriching the very essence of your daily life.

As we move your home to its new location, we’re not just moving houses or providing a service; we’re offering a lifestyle change—one that brings harmony, flexibility, and peace of mind. Take the first step now and unlock the untapped potential of your living space.

Envision the boundless possibilities it will bring to your life. Imagine the new views, the renewed sense of space, and the excitement of a different neighbourhood. It’s not just about changing addresses; it’s about opening doors to new experiences and embarking on a journey of discovery. This lifestyle change will bring you harmony, flexibility, and peace of mind. Take the first step now and unlock the untapped potential of your living space.

Why settle for a stagnant home when you can adapt and evolve? Get started on making your home flexible by scheduling a consultation today.

Frequently Asked House Sliding Questions

As a general rule, the house sliding process usually takes around 2 weeks, which may vary for larger homes requiring extensive excavation. Larger houses or more complex projects can take 3 to 4 weeks total. We provide timeline estimates tailored to each unique project.

The cost of sliding a house depends on numerous factors, including distance being moved, house size, terrain complexities and accessibility. As a guide, the average cost of sliding a Brisbane home generally ranges between $10,000 to $30,000 inclusive of all planning, permits, equipment and labor. We provide obligation free quotes outlining expected costs following site inspection.

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