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In Brisbane, our specialised expertise in raising houses distinguishes us from the rest. With a focus on maximising every square metre of your home, we offer unparalleled services that include everything from Brisbane restumping to house-raised solutions and retaining walls. Our house raise services are specifically designed to cater to Brisbane homeowners looking to elevate their homes for added functionality and aesthetic appeal. 

Through meticulous engineering plans and the highest safety protocols, we transform your living space into an elevated asset—both structurally and financially. Brisbane home owners can rest assured knowing that our comprehensive house raising solutions address every aspect of the process, from initial planning to the final touches.

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Specialists in Brisbane Conditions

When it comes to house raising, Brisbane homeowners often turn to specialists who understand the unique soil conditions, stumps conditions and building codes of their area. Recognising this need for local expertise, our company offers specialised house raising services in North and South Brisbane. Beyond being mere service providers, we operate with a mission: to transform Brisbane’s residential landscape from the ground up, approaching each house raising project as a unique opportunity to enrich your life.

Ready, Set, Raise!

Comprehensive House Raising Services

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House Raising Plans

Whether you're interested in a complete raise, adding retaining walls, or incorporating structural steel beams, we offer customised Queensland house plans and detailed raising steps designed to meet your specific structural needs and aesthetic preferences.

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Premium Stumps & Material Selection

We vow to safeguard your property through professional service and high-quality materials. We select only the most reliable materials to use in our construction, whether it's structural steel beams or sustainably sourced timber.

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House Foundation Assessment

We conduct a thorough inspection of the current structural integrity and environmental considerations to prevent unforeseen complications, including retaining walls, down the line. Incorporating additional foundations into our Queensland house raising projects not only ensures structural integrity but also significantly enhances the value and safety of your property.

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Brisbane Environmental Compatibility

In addition to providing a strong foundation for your home, we conduct rigorous soil and environmental tests along with our structural plans to ensure building materials' long-term sustainability and compliance with environmental regulations.

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Post-Completion Assurance

Our commitment to excellence in raising restumping doesn't end when the construction job does. We perform a comprehensive site clean-up and a meticulous final evaluation to guarantee our clients' that our work exceeds industry standards.

Our Transparent and Reliable House Raising Process

We start the entire process by sitting down with you to understand your specific needs, budget, space constraints, and long-term goals for your property.

A comprehensive inspection and diagnostic phase ensure that any existing issues are addressed before we commence the lifting process.

Our in-house experts collaborate to develop a tailor-made design plan, incorporating every minute detail and possible challenges on site.

Utilising cutting-edge hydraulic equipment and continuous structural assessments, we safely elevate the walls of your house or garage to the desired height. Given the scope and duration of this step, it's a good idea to have suitable accommodation organised during the house raising period.

We don't consider a job complete until it passes our stringent post-lift inspections.

Other Services We Offer

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House Restumping

Get your home back on solid ground. Our restumping homes service set the industry standard for craftsmanship and durability.

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House Sliding

Offering house sliding in Brisbane to safely and efficiently relocate your home without compromising its structural integrity.

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Underpinning Homes

When your concrete foundation needs more than just a quick fix job, we reinforce it with meticulous concrete underpinning services.

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House Levelling

Wave goodbye to your house with uneven floors, walls and tilted living spaces. With our precision-focused house levelling, raising & restumping services, your home will be as balanced as your life.

Transforming Brisbane Homes

Why Choose Our Team

Complete Adherence to Brisbane Standards and Regulations

In addition to meeting local Brisbane regulations and standards, our aim is to go a step further in our work, with the goal of helping your home maintain its stability and strength for the long term. We take pride in providing solutions tailored specifically to the unique soil and climate considerations that Brisbane households face.

Quality You Can Trust (Without Breaking the Bank)

In an industry where foundational work can be complex and costly, the question of budget is always on one's mind, which is why we offer a free, no-obligation quote to start the process. We take it a step further by priding our team on providing unparalleled expertise and using only premium materials to ensure that your home isn't just raised—it's elevated in terms of both safety and value.

Your Dream Home Awaits, Start Living Higher

In the rapidly changing Australian landscape from South East Queensland to Brisbane, rising above the ordinary is not just a choice—it’s a necessity. Whether you’re looking to build more space, extra bedrooms, enhance value, or improve safety, we’ve got the perfect, bespoke solution for you. For your needs in house raising, our Brisbane team delivers! Contact us now.

Frequently Asked Questions

In Brisbane, the maximum height you can typically raise a house without requiring council approval is 9.5 meters according to the Brisbane City Plan 2014 (City Plan) regulations.


Going above 9.5 meters triggers extensive planning applications and building code considerations which we do not handle or recommend due to structural factors, costs, and other significant difficulties associated with over-height house raising projects.


For standard raises within the common 9.5 meter threshold allowed under the City Plan, our experienced teams handle all required Brisbane City Council paperwork and approvals. We specialise in keeping the process as smooth as possible while adhering to regulated Australian building safety standards.

Older Queenslanders on stumps and more modern highset homes tend to be most suitable for raising. We can assess if your home can structurally support the lift.

Yes, raising a house creates space for an additional ground floor level to be built underneath for extra rooms. We can incorporate this into your customised plans.

The process takes 8-12 weeks on average from initial consult to completion, depending on the home and extent of the lift. We project manage the entire process smoothly.

You'll need council development approval and building approvals from a licensed inspector. We handle getting all required permissions for the lifting works.

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