Restumping Brisbane

How ignoring cracks in your foundation could cost you thousands down the road

Few homeowner tendencies prove more common yet potentially disastrous than glancing over initial hairline cracks manifesting in plastered walls or concrete bases externally. While fissures certainly appear innocuous initially, our teams understand through hard-won experience across countless Brisbane properties over decades that even barely visible cracks foreshadow immense expenses if left uninspected too long. Like […]

Revitalising your home’s foundation: The comprehensive guide to restumping in Brisbane

Core goals of structural restumping Through meticulously lifting heritage properties gently atop steel reinforced foundations replacing failing stump supports below, restumping aims restoring decades of durable structural integrity and protection to cherished households against shifting, flooding and general deterioration dangers compromising ageing bases over time through climate exposures and changed weight loading limits emerging gradually. […]

The art of underpinning and restumping Brisbane homes just right

Foundation work stands apart from most structural trades through its sheer invasive depth and load-bearing severity allowing zero margin of error. Unlike securing loose balcony tiles or adjusting whining doors binding within shifted frames marginally off-plumb, defective stabilising footings get measured in cracked walls, not just centimetres. Delivering flawless underpinning and restumping foundation enhancements demands […]

Dodging pitfalls: How we avoid common mistakes in foundation work

After 20-plus years managing complex foundation repair projects across Brisbane, our crews have encountered nearly every mistake imaginable despite the best collective intentions on occasion. Thankfully, we take pride in learning from adverse incidents, false starts and miscalculations over the decades. By committing counsel from veteran staff securing hundreds of local homes to steadfast procedural […]

Repairing cracked and destabilised foundations post-flood

With Brisbane’s vulnerable flooding geography, excess water exposure represents one of the most common catalysts underlying foundation damage across local properties over time. After decades resolving countless cases of cracked, shifting bases in flooded areas, our crews have developed proven systematic response plans to rapidly stabilise and strengthen destabilised foundations once torrents reside. Every situation […]

Raising and restumping Queensland homes: Our methodology perfected over decades

Few properties present the unique structural demands of Queensland’s distinctive high-set homes when needing level correction or foundation upgrades. Over 20-plus years and hundreds of regional projects, our crews have fine-tuned a rigorous methodology to successfully lift these icons into place and integrate upgraded support systems built to endure Southeast Queensland’s punishing climate and conditions […]

Steady as she goes: Securing Queenslanders against subsidence

With the distinctive raised Queenslander home design comes an inherent vulnerability to subsidence and shifting not as common with single-story dwellings. After tackling countless tilting and dropping Queenslanders across Brisbane over 20+ years, our structural team felt compelled to share some hard-won insights into rectifying these icons’ stability issues. While cases differ, several proven methods […]

Identifying foundation issues early: What our 20 years’ experience has taught us

After thousands of restumping and underpinning jobs across Brisbane over 20+ years, our experts feel compelled to share some hard-learned lessons around identifying developing structural problems early. We have seen firsthand how addressing issues in infancy dramatically reduces repair complexity, risk and client costs over letting concerns silently compound until eventual crises. Frankly, acting quickly […]

Think twice before attempting DIY underpinning without expert guidance

The dangers of diy foundation work After repairing too many botched cases over 20+ years, we strongly caution Brisbane homeowners against DIY structural modifications. Even carefully following instructions found online, critical jobs like adding new stumps or pouring concrete piers often end badly when done independently without actual skills. We believe accredited professionals should handle […]

A Brisbane restumper’s keys to long-lasting foundation repairs

With over 20 years of restumping experience in Brisbane, our managing experts have seen homeowners and unqualified contractors attempt many foundation repairs that fail to properly rectify structural issues. From gap-filling levelling efforts using loose bricks to well-intentioned but faulty concrete pads poured to save money, the team regularly fixes faulty “repairs” that worsen problems […]

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